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Hive Practitioner Training, Dominican Republic

Jan 10th - 16th 2025

Cabrera, DR

Hive Practitioner Training, Dominican Republic

Are you looking to homeschool, unschool, worldschool or have an interest in independent, progressive education? Then this immersive, 5- day Human Hive Learning training is for you. We will dive deep into what it means to be a self-regulating practitioner. We will learn how to self-regulate and co-regulate so that we can support those around us to become well-regulated, grounded, confident learners and human beings. We will look at the research and theory underpinning self-regulation and self-regulated learning, design co-regulating activities and put them to the test with the local & Hive community. It's a fully experiential week. You will learn new skills, make new friends and leave with a more well-regulated nervous system.

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