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What our parents are saying about Hive School

"Before the Hive, I felt like I was good at subjects but not so good at life; now I feel like i'm good at subjects AND good at life!"

Student, 8 years old from the US.

"The kids are all kind to each other and my boys are genuinely excited to go to school. This place has fed our souls in ways I didn't realise we were lacking. I hope this place touches you as much as it has me. It's genuinely so special"

Hive School Parent

"The Hive School has been everything we had hoped for and more. It has provided us with a great sense of community when we were in desperate need of it. The whole feel of inclusion is wonderful, all the parents want to spend time together, so my husband and I have been just as busy as the kids. We love that the school employs local people and that there are local children attending, it’s a beautiful mix of nationalities. Our kids are picking up Spanish and we have seen great leaps in their development here. They look forward to school every day, and so do we!"

A Gale (Session 1 and 2 parent)

"We feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to be a part of this incredible community and school! It has filled our souls in ways we didn't know we were lacking. Having homeschooled for over 3 years and traveled full time for 15 months, we were very comfortable in our solitude and routines. We were happy making friends in passing when the opportunity arose but had accepted the fact that our community as travelers would always look different than that of a typical family who lived in a neighborhood. The Hive School definitely changed these feelings immediately, and have really raised the bar for what a community is, and should look like! Here everyone helps each other, and shares their skills, stories, and experiences with one another. For the kids we have circus class, cooking, dance, martial arts, drama and more... All provided by parents who are eager to share their trades and enrich the kids. For parents we have yoga and martial arts while the kids are in school. People invite each other to spend time with one another, to play games or have a drink. We all share a common love of adventure and travel, so we all connect quickly and easily no matter where we're from or our backgrounds. We began our homeschool journey due to bullying in the public school system. Here the boys are eager to leave the house everyday and counting down to the weekend is actually a sad thing versus something to look forward to because we all love our weekdays so much! My boys are coming home eager to tell me what they've learned and I have actually had time in my day to rest and have the energy levels to share in their excitement. If you are on the fence about coming here, don't question it. This is not a place you'll ever regret visiting. The town isn't touristy with no big resorts or hotels, but bustling with locals and expats living their best lives. There are many beaches, a waterfall you can swim in, and a cenote all in a very short distance. The locals are helpful and kind, always offering a smile. We feel safe, and truly welcome here. The situation really is a "have your cake and eat it too" type of experience, and I'm honored to have been able to be a part of this slice of paradise"

J Liverseidge (Session 2 parent)

"Being back in some kind of school is very healthy for this guy. He simply loves going each morning. We climb the hill to the school bus, and he quickly gives me my required hug, and hurries to be first on. He waves to me out the window. So sweet. He’s generally in a very good mood when he returns home afterward. I visited the school the other day and I saw a motivated kiddo who seemed filled with purpose. Quite clear that he loves having in-person learning. He thrives with kids around, teachers to connect with. But this school is a bit different than the "typical" ones back home. There are dogs to pet, trees to climb. Their skills are all built around their interests. All the kids are in groups working on various projects over the 6-weeks, all around the theme "life under water". My kiddo is the oldest in his group of 5, which has been wonderful for him, who was typically one of the youngest in his class at school. I think it gives him a sense of leadership and responsibility. I’m happy to hear very positive feedback from his teachers there too! Especially after last year with him at home with me, not always witnessing his best and brightest behavior... “He is so keen to learn, he drives the group forward with his conversation and enthusiasm, he is so bright...” and, surprisingly, a kid who I could seldom get to practice writing, “he wants to write all the time” notes for his group. This mama is quite happy to see a motivated kiddo with a sense of routine again. He seems calmer and more at peace. And I love the vision for this beautiful new school, and feel grateful to be part of its inception. I imagine even returning here from time to time, to see the contributions the kids have made and continue to have a hand in it. Glad to be here in this space and see my kiddo so happy

The adventure continues...."

Session 1 parent

"For us it's the hive school. The Dominican Republic is INCREDIBLE, all of the places we have visited are honestly just spectacular. The Hive School is just incredibly special more than anything else though... We travel constantly and this is the first time we've considered staying anywhere a bit longer and it's because of that school. Our boys are 6 & 10 and they just love it! It's a community of travellers, so everyone is from all over the world, but the sense community here is one I never knew could exist and only dreamed of! People actually invite each other to do things, and want to sit and talk and get to know one another. The kids are all kind to each other and my boys are genuinely excited to go to school The after school programs are stimulating and unique like circus, drama, martial arts, cooking, dance and more! For the parents there is yoga and martial arts, and soccer on Sundays for the families to all enjoy together! After traveling for so long, I had no idea how much we all needed a break. This place has fed our souls in ways I didn't realize we were lacking. I hope this place touches you as much as it has me. It's genuinely so special."

Session 2 parent

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