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Frequently Asked Questions The Hive

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions The Hive
  • Survival Camp for families - Jan 4th-Jan 6th 2023
    Cabrera, DR Survival Camp 3-day family camp to learn how to live off the land like the Tainos did. We will go into the hills and work together to build shelters, forage food and fashion the tools we will need to go beyond surviving, to live sustainably and maybe even thrive! Get ready to harvest cocos, forage for wild food, catch fish and make fires in the wild! Children must be accompanied by a parent.
  • Winter Kid's Programme 4 - 16 yrs - Jan 10th-17th Feb 2023
    Cabrera, DR SDG 13 - Climate Action Award-winning children's author, Andrew Clover will be joining The Hive in January. He is sailing over from the UK to help us learn how to protect the planet and take Climate Action.
  • Spring Kid's Programme 4 - 16 yrs - Feb 28th-7th April 2023
    Cabrera, DR SDG 1 - No Poverty We We will be looking into the causes of poverty and how this community is affected by it on a daily basis. We will think about what we can do to help.
  • Graduate Changemaker Programme 18+ yrs - Jun 10th - Jul 8th 2023 OR-Sep 16th - Oct 14th 2023
    Cabrera, DR SDG 17 - Partnerships for the goals For undergrads and graduates who want to meet like-minded people from all over the world to be the difference with. You will design, deliver and evaluate your own action plan and leave a legacy of lives changed for the better.
  • Hummingbird Programme women 40+ - Apr 21st-May 5th 2023
    Cabrera, DR SDG 12 - Sustainable Communities Remember the 8 year old you? Who turned cartwheels, mixed magic potions and believed she could be a hummingbird? Well, it's time to find her again and bring her to the Caribbean so that she can lose herself in some serious play. We will build intricate homes for wildlife, grows seeds into plants, create community from the heart in a way that will leave a legacy of change. On you, others and the planet we all share. I have goosebumps for this one!
  • Ocean Heroes Camp - Jul 16th-Aug 4th 2023
    Cabrera, DR SDG 14 - Life below water Spend 3 weeks in the rivers, lakes and ocean learning how to care for life below water. Becoming an Ocean Hero involves understanding how bodies of water are adversely affected and taking action to bring them back to a healthy balance. You'll meet inspirational local heroes already working in sustainable ways and learn how to become an Ocean Hero yourself!
  • Nature Heroes Camp - Jun 19th-Jun 30th 2023
    Cabrera, DR SDG 15 - Life on land Spend 2 weeks in Cabrera looking at eco-systems and learning about how to be a Nature Hero. You will learn about bio-diversity, meet local heroes already working with plants and animals in an around Cabrera and become a Nature hero yourself.
  • What's the sense of community like?
    We are a group of families from all over the world. There are plenty of opportunities to hang out as families: horse-back riding on Mondays, Sunday Funday at the beach, community soccer and surfing just about every day. There are yoga classes, group outings and the opportunity to teach something you're passionate about at the Hive too.
  • Where will I stay?
    You can find accommodation via our housing partners: Jessica and Elvis (~$1000+/month): and +1 646 579 2363. At roughly this level we also have this community housing development: For those with lower budgets (~$500+/month) we have a new shared housing option available in Abreu, please contact Antonio +1 (849) 623-7553 For high-end/luxury only (~$1500-2000+/month) accommodation, contact Ryann: ( or +1 (849) 656 6425) If you want a house out in the community you can try Sebastian at +1(809) 467 7801 or Willie +1 (829) 512 8681 who manages some lovely properties. They are all contactable on WhatsApp. Always be sure to mention you are coming for The Hive. We would highly discourage you from booking on AirBnb or similar sites as we cannot help you if something goes wrong or the rate changes last minute. Please also refer to our welcome pack for details of trusted airport transfers. There is no Uber in the Dominican Republic.
  • What do parents say about Hive School?
    "The Human Hive has been an incredible experience for my daughters. Although they are at different stages in life and learning at different speeds, the concept and themes have been beautiful" "Both of my girls have been expressing more of their emotions and being able to share what they are feeling. They are always talking out loud to one another about how they feel and trying to connect what they are learning to their environment." "What I love most is how the Hive School uses the resources around them to better the program and teach the students how to use the natural resources in their specific environment." "It has become a second home for my girls, a safe environment that by the end of the week, they are not wanting the weekend to come because they wished they had school on the weekends!! It is a blessing to see both of my daughters wake up each morning excited for school. It also has made our morning routines much easier! " "The Human Hive teaches the students how to become the one in control of their learning experiences." "They are able to learn all subjects while creating a project they are passionate about. They learn to ask the right questions and become independent and collaborative learners." "As a parent and a volunteer I have seen all of the children pick something they love and fill their minds with knowledge and teach their friends about their findings". "What has also been special to see is the younger students asking the older students for help. Allowing the older students to test their knowledge through explanations and showing the younger learners how to complete an activity or find information. I look forward for the months to come and to see how all of the teachers, volunteers and most importantly the students evolve! "
  • Do I need any special vaccines for the Dominican Republic?
    We would advise you to seek the medical advice of your home country.
  • Do I need a special visa?
    You can enter DR as a tourist. If you overstay there will be a small fee to pay when you leave. Many of us go in and out like this multiple times.
  • What's the wifi like?
    Fibre optic broadband has been added to most of our community housing options. And in general the wifi is fairly reliable in DR. If you don't have fibre in your accommodation, there's a hotel (Catalina Tropical Lodge) with fibre optic broadband and an awesome view, and cafe flor which has amazing, home-made, organic Greek yoghurt and strong wifi. So you can drop the kids off, work for a few hours somewhere peaceful and beautiful, then pick up the kids, walk to the beach and relax for the rest of the day!
  • How do we get there?
    There are 5 main airports that you can fly in to, depending on where you are arriving from. Puerto Plato (POP), Santo Domingo (SDQ), Punta Cana (PUJ), Samana (AZS), Santiago (STI)
  • 3 Day CPD - What does Self Directed Learning really look like?
    Wed to Fri - Week a All Sessions $367 The Hive provides immersive learning experiences for children and teachers. You can visit The Hive, listen to the founder speak about the methodology that underpins the learning, and see for yourself what Self Directed Learning looks and feels like at all ages. Email to express interest
  • Introduction to Hive Education Training Programme
    Are you looking to home-school, or have an interest in independent, progressive education? 12 Nov - 19 Nov 2022 Early bird tickets $997 We're offering our first ever immersive training programme that provides an introduction to the foundations and methodology of our education model, and provides you the opportunity to fully experience progressive education at our international flagship Hive School. For more information and to book visit
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