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You are never too young, nor too old, to become a changemaker.

Changemaker programmes for all ages. Learn how to live a wholehearted, purposeful life. 



The Hive Adventure, Cabrera.



WHAT Is The Hive?

WHAT Is The Hive?

The Hive is where we come together with people from all over the world to learn how to better care for ourselves, others and the planet we all share. The Hive's mission is help everyone develop their sense of inner safety and belonging within their community and purpose in the world. We design solutions to global challenges together. We learn how to be the difference the world needs.

HOW Does Learning Happen At The Hive?

HOW Does Learning Happen At The Hive?

Each programme is built around one of the seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, commonly known as SDGs. Knowledge and skills are acquired and applied for a real world purpose, as participants choose the impact they want to have and are supported in working together strategically to achieve their goals. The Hive is a sandpit with all the best toys for becoming a change-maker, no matter how old you are!

Hive WHAT Is Our Philosophy?

WHAT Is Our Philosophy?

The Hive's philosophy is With, not For. Which means that we don't do things FOR participants. We don't tell them what to value, what to learn, how and by when. We offer inspiration and guidance. We learn alongside, WITH them. We follow THEIR lead and take inspiration from one another. We provide opportunities for participants to find their feet, find their voice and use both all day long. We run 6-week, 2-week & 1-week sessions throughout the year.

WHO is The Hive for?

WHO is The Hive for?

The Hive is for anyone that is daring and different and willing to open their hearts and minds to a new way of doing things. People who want to foster independence and wholeheartedness in every aspect of their lives. The Hive will support you in becoming a more self-determined human being with skills, knowledge and relationships to be the difference. We run programmes for children, graduates, families and adults If you are a parent and want to learn more about self-regulated learning and whether The Hive might work for your family we recommend reading: Free To Learn by Peter Gray and Changing Our Minds by Naomi Fisher


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