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Build Your Own Hive Adventure

Dates to suit YOU.

Cabrera, DR

Build Your Own Hive Adventure

"Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you." -Oprah Winfrey
When we create community around a shared passion, something magic happens. You simply tell us who you are and what your goals are and we design your perfect Hive Adventure with you. Yoga kulas, home-school coops, church groups, worldschool communities, extended families. Any group that wants to come together around a shared passion and bring the kids along for the ride is who we are here for. Our philosophy at The Human Hive is with, not for. So let us build this adventure WITH you.

Choose your....
* Dates (1 to 6 weeks long)
* Theme (What are YOUR personal learning and development goals?)
* Community housing option (from practical budget to dreamy super-luxe, beach-front)
* Mix of organized activities/free time with your community

This is a truly bespoke offering so book a call with Kate and she will listen to what your dreams are and then the team will do everything in their power to make them come true.
Roughly 9 families is the minimum and 18 families is the maximum (there's wriggle room, let's talk!). Perfect for a yoga teacher training/group coaching residential. You can run your programme at the community housing and we will look after the kids and teach them really cool stuff all day long!

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