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Introduction to Hive Learning November 12-19 2022, Cabrera, DR

Introduction to Hive Learning November 12-19 2022, Cabrera, DR

Are you looking to home-school, or have an interest in independent, progressive education?

Join us for an introductory immersive experience into Human Hive Education, and discover a better way of 'doing' learning.


A foundation-building introduction and immersive experience.

We're offering our first ever immersive training programme that provides an introduction to the foundations and methodology of our education model, and provides you the opportunity to fully experience progressive education at our international flagship Hive School.

Volunteer for a 6 week session

We are looking for volunteers to join Sessions 2,3,4 and the camps this summer. You must be knowledgeable about the topic we are studying and have a keen interest in spending time with children. You must be patient and calm in demeanour and enthusiastic about sharing your subject expertise. Extra languages and experience of multicultural, mixed groups would be helpful, but is not a requirement. What you need most is sense of adventure, a burning desire to change the world through education and a can-do attitude. This is not an endeavour for the faint of heart, but it is highly likely to change your life forever!

Join The Core Team

Join The Core Team The Hive

We are growing fast and looking for two more practitioners to lead teams next year. If you are experienced at self-directed learning, inquiry-based learning and have good team-working skills, this could be the perfect opportunity for you to develop your human-centred design and senior leadership skillset. We are looking for experienced educators in Primary and Middle Years who want to mentor and shape the next generation of Self-Directed-Learning practitioners. We cannot offer competitive wages right now, but we can provide a bespoke remuneration package & a life-affirming adventure in the Caribbean. 

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