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6 week Programmes for children aged 4-16

10th Jan - 17th Feb 2023 - 28th Feb to 7th April 2023

Cabrera, DR

6 week Programmes for children aged 4-16

If not now, then when?

It's time to tackle the world's to do list, and who better to do it than the kids who will enjoy the fruits of their labours?

6 week programmes built around the Global Goals. We will learn how to be a changemaker and take action in our local community for global impact.

Winter SDG 13 - Climate Action

Spring SDG 1 - Zero Poverty

Price per 6 weeks from $1900 per participant. Only $65 per day including the Hive bus, 2, home-cooked meals per day, daily Hive activities, family social and celebration events.

You can add on clubs, excursions and build the Hive adventure that’s perfect for your family. Download the pack for all the information you need.

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