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3-week Changemaker adventure

Dec 4th - 22nd 2023

Cabrera, DR

3-week Changemaker adventure

3-Week Build Your Own Hive led by the Pagliari family
This is our first BYOH Adventure and we couldn't be more excited. We will spend 3 weeks together in the lead up to the holidays looking at what it means to be regenerative; creating products that give back to mother earth rather than depleting her and acting in ways that generate health and vitality. The price is just $825 per child for 3 weeks of amazing adventures. While the children spend their days learning how to be regenerative, you can experience a little rest and relaxation yourselves. Treat yourselves to the unparallelled experience of strolling into the holiday season tanned, relaxed and with really well-regulated kids! Download the full pack for details.

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